electronics and software design

Who we are:

We are a Electronics Design Consultancy located on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia. Our leading engineer is Dipl. Ing. Horst Gruhle and we draw on a pool of supporting consultants (mechanical, electrical and software engineers) as required.

Horst is a Senior Design Engineer for Electronics and Microprocessor Systems, with extensive experience in the Automotive, Marine and Audio Industry. He is passionate about design and product excellency.

His outstanding skills in efficiently developing software for micro-controllers and his familiarity with the PC environment (programming in C and Delphi) are well complemented by solid hardware design and debugging skills for analog electronics, digital electronics and embedded micro-controller systems.

Horst's C programming skills are excellent and have been tested and strengthened on a number of projects during his working career, from writing embedded software to writing compilers and other software tools.

A large part of his hardware and software design skills were acquired within the Automotive Industry at BOSCH, where he was working as a Project Engineer, designing distributed controller systems (Multiplex) for cars (FORD, HOLDEN).

From 2002 on, he was engaged in the development of a complex Drive-By-Wire marine Propulsion Control System for a 21 foot Mustang Sports Cruiser. During 2006, he designed a small control system for an experimental Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to be used in a boat as an alternative to the CPP.

His latest success story is the design and manufacturing of a revolutionary new musical instrument, the Midi Wave Theremin, which is currently used by the award winning musician GOTYE and other high profile artists and composers around the world.

Having studied in Germany and also having worked extensively in Australia, he is familiar with both cultures and languages and is able to interact very effective in either of them. He is very flexible, creative and always ready to explore new territory, with a strong desire to learn and above all, with a strong commitment to success.