electronics and software design

Our Services:

The main driving force behind the Electronics Design Consultancy is Horst Gruhle, a Senior Design Engineer for Electronics and Microprocessor Systems, supported by a number of consultants (mechanical, electrical and software engineers) as required. This is what we do:

We design electronic Modules and Complete Systems:

Horst has been a leading force in the development of computer controlled vehicles (Cars and Boats), working together with companies like BOSCH Australia, FORD and General Motors (Holden) to research new ways to build and control Cars and Boats (also known as "Drive by Wire" or Multiplex). Some of the more recent projects involved a 18 Foot Mustang Boat with a 250 Hp Engine and a electrically controlled Variable Pitch Propeller, with all electronics and software designed and build by Horst.

We write Software in C, Assembler, Delphi:

Horst has also been working as an Embedded Software Engineer, writing, reviewing, debugging and rewriting software modules in C and Assembler. His C programming skills are excellent and have been tested and strengthened on a number of projects over his working career, from writing embedded software to writing compilers and other software tools.

We know a lot about Audio:

Horst has been making Guitar Pedals since he was 12 years old. Driven by the love of sound and distortion, he obtained a degree in Electronics and Microprocessor Systems Design, with emphasis on Audio Electronics.

He moved to Australia in 1986 and eventually settled on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia, where he is actively involved in the local Music Industry.

Since then, he created numerous pedals and devices ranging from Guitar Amplifiers and Valve Distortions to Analog Delays, Tremolos, various Pre-Amplifiers, Filters, Theremins and a number of MIDI Controllers like the 4x4 Drum-Trigger Module, MIDI-Theremin Controller, Controller-Knobby Box and others.

The most recent product is the Midi Wave Theremin, a alternative Controller for musical and VJ applications, using the Microchip Digital Signal Processor dsPIC33. Software was written in C and in Assembler (read more at: www.wave-theremin.com ).

Horst is also a passionate musician and sound engineer and has been involved in the local music scene doing live sound for Willis's Afro's and Jasper, and mixing with local musos, from Tumbleweed, Magic Dirt and numerous peninsula bands, to big shots like Steve Nieve (from Elvis Costello Band) and Mike Patton (from Mr. Bungle and Faith No More) and Wally from GOTYE. This helps him greatly to keep up with musician's demands and to develop pedals and devices of leading edge standards for today's musicians.

We write Product Specifications:

With years of design experience, primarily in the R&D departments of major companies, we have learned a lot about Product Specifications. We can help you building a better foundation for your design.

We can help with Patent applications:

Having been in R&D for so long and being inventors ourselves, we have accumulated extensive knowledge in regards to patent applications.

We design Printed Circuit Board (Protel 99SE):

We build Prototypes:

We develop Algorithms:

We review Specifications and Designs:

We translate Documents (German / English):